ZOOM4 Whitening

ZOOM4 whitening is currently the most advanced dental technology, which gives the most notable results and does not harm the health of teeth



The whitening result is achieved very quickly, the whole procedure lasts only one hour



Zoom 4 whitening technology is the most advanced in modern dentistry



Absolute absence of pain when using this method of teeth whitening



Effective teeth color change, even in case of a genetic predisposition to yellowness



The whitening technique allows the procedure to be performed safely for the gums without causing a chemical burn



As a result of Zoom 4 whitening procedure, teeth become more shiny and healthy



Tooth color correction is possible up to 8-12 tones (there are 16 enamel color shades)



An absolute technique safety for teeth is proved by numerous clinical trials

Even the whitest teeth with time lose their whiteness. Black stain spoils not only the smile, but also the mood, that’s why many people start wondering how to restore it to its original appearance. According to dentists, the most advanced technology is zoom 4 whitening, it provides the optimum result. But first we need to figure out what other techniques exist, and which of them are most effective. It should be borne in mind that the chemicals used can adversely affect the enamel, thinning and destroying it. Professional whitening is carried out on an outpatient basis with the use of special equipment.


Photowhitening can be used even on sensitive enamel, it is noted for a good long lasting result

Clinical whitening

Fast and for long

The effect is achieved in one visit and preserved for a long time (from 8 months)


Whitening is carried out under the supervision of a specialist


Relatively high cost is compensated by a quick and long effect

Home whitening

Individual splints

With whitening gel


Relatively low cost and availability, splints are comfortable to use even at night


The effect is achieved faster and lasts longer than of other home whitening types


Short effect lasts no more than 3-4 months, is achieved in 5-7 days

Whitening strips

Economical option

  • Low cost
  • The effect is achieved in 10-14 days
  • Short effect lasts 1-2 months

Ready-made splints

With whitening agent

  • Affordable price
  • The effect is achieved in 7-10 days
  • The gel may flow and damage the gums, the effect lasts 2-3 months

Appointment to the doctor

Three steps to a snow-white smile

Splitting hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide form atomic oxygen. Atomic oxygen, passing through the transparent enamel, affects the molecules of the pigment chromophore, which is in the dentin and gives it a yellow color. The chromophore splits into small molecules capable to reflect light, while the teeth appear to be light in appearance. Over time, these molecules reconnect to large ones, which again make the teeth yellow. The enamel is not damaged in any way, as dentin molecules are affected.

Preparatory stage of whitening

Before whitening, it is necessary to remove all plaque or tartar. Otherwise, there will be little whitening effect. If there are carious teeth, including hidden, they should necessarily be treated. Otherwise, high teeth sensitivity during the procedure is possible. Also it must be taken into account that the existing fillings of the teeth will not change in color, which means they will contrast with white teeth. It makes sense to consult a specialist before whitening.

ZOOM4 whitening procedure

In case of home whitening, it is recommended to follow procedures according to the manufacturer's instructions or to follow the recommendations of a specialist. It is important that the substance does not get on the gums. The length of the home whitening course of depends on its type. In the case of clinical whitening, the effect is usually achieved in one procedure (about 1 hour). In more complex situations, several procedures may be required. Almost always there is a slight sensitivity during or after the procedure. You can use special tools that reduce sensitivity. But usually within a few days it will secede.

Maintaining the whitening effect

It is important to understand that, as in any cosmetic procedure, it is periodically necessary to repeat maintaining tooth whitening courses in order to preserve the effect for many years. Otherwise, the effect will gradually disappear. Home whitening to maintain the effect can be repeated with visible teeth yellowing. Usually the procedure should be repeated every 2-3 months. In the case of clinical whitening, the specialist individually selects maintaining home or clinical whitening procedures. Usually they alternate every 8-12 months.

Expert opinion

Tooth whitening has become firmly established in our daily practice and the demand for this service has been growing from year to year. A snow-white smile gives confidence, refreshes the appearance and even gives it youth. This is especially true in megacities, where an attractive appearance and communicability gives obvious advantages. The use of modern whitening techniques allows us to achieve a perfect result in a short time without causing any harm to the teeth. And with the right selection and regular maintaining procedures, the effect of a snow-white smile can be admired all your life. The wide experience of using various whitening techniques in our practice allows us to safely assert their safety and effectiveness. A snow-white dazzling smile is more than ever available to all comers. Shvangiradze Sofia Varlamovna

Tooth whitening specialist of the "Dental Profi" clinic

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