Veneers, or new life of teeth

Enamel is the most durable material in the human body,
but sometimes it also needs additional support and restoration

About veneers

Ceramic veneer is a thin ceramic lining on the tooth, which strengthens the enamel, restores the destroyed tooth, and improves the aesthetic data of the tooth, namely color, shape, size. Ceramic veneer is new tooth enamel, only more durable. It cannot just be removed from the tooth, because after installation it is an integral part of it

Why do we use ceramic veneers?

Ceramic EMax veneers have several undeniable advantages:


it restores tooth enamel, strengthens it, makes your own teeth better and stronger


does not cause allergic reactions


over time, it does not lose color and shape


it can serve at least 25 years, and with proper care – all life


to install veneers it is not necessary to pulp the tooth (remove the nerve)


in some cases, it is an excellent alternative to braces, for example, if it is necessary to solve the issue of aesthetics with large distances between the teeth, the indigestible shape of the teeth, the unattractive color of the teeth


veneers made by a first-class technician and installed by a first-class dentist will last a long time, will look aesthetically, organically


it protects teeth from mechanical damage

Who cannot use veneers?

There are contraindications to installing veneers.
The main and most common are:

  • problems with TMJ 35% 35%
  • lack of lateral chewing teeth 15% 15%
  • strong crowding of teeth 25% 25%
  • gum disease (periodontitis) 25% 25%

Only a dentist can diagnose and eliminate these problems. Our clinic has an integrated approach to the treatment of patients. Therefore, for some patients, the installation of veneers is the final stage of complex treatment.

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Do you need tooth facingfor veneers?

Strong turning of teeth (in other words, dissection of teeth) before installing veneers remains one of the most common myths

Strong turning of teeth (in other words, dissection of teeth) before installing veneers remains one of the most common myths. Dissection of teeth before installing veneers is not more than 0.1-0.3 mm in thickness, which is comparable to the thickness of a contact lens. Of course, there are cases when more serious preparation is required, for example, as a result of a deep carious lesion. In 90% of cases, tooth facing is minimal. Tooth preparation is necessary to ensure that the veneer on the tooth looks as esthetically and organically as possible among the remaining teeth, as well as for maximum accuracy of its installation on the tooth.

The veneer is glued to the tooth and becomes its extension, and there should be no cavities between the tooth, the veneer and the gum. If you do not make the minimum facing, then such an accuracy of the connection of the tooth and veneer will not occur, food will get stuck between the veneer and the tooth, which will lead to the appearance of caries. In our clinic, orthopedic dentists work only under repeated magnification using binoculars and a dental microscope. That allows you to minimize dental treatment before installing veneers and achieve maximum accuracy of attachment to the teeth

The main stages of installing veneers

photographing a patient is a necessary part of the work of any modern dentist. Photos allow you to visually assess the scale of work, quality and results

creating a future smile project with the help of a special Digital Smile Design technique Digital Smile Design. The simulation program allows you to design a future smile, see how the new teeth will look, how the patient's appearance will change

the removal of casts is an important step in the creation of veneers, since it is according to the casts that the technician will create thin ceramic veneers

manufacture of veneers. The veneers are manufactured by the technician in the laboratory; the final result of the work package depends on his skill

dissection (facing) of teeth for veneers. At this stage, the maximum accuracy of the dentist’s actions is important. Our doctors work under repeated magnification using binoculars and a dental microscope

installation of veneers. The most awaited and exciting moment for both the patient and the doctor. Veneers are glued to the tooth with special glue, which allows you to make veneer an integral part of the patient's tooth

14 days between Before and After

All the above manipulations take on average no more than 2 weeks

Dental care with veneers

The afterbirth of the installation of veneers dental care is exactly the same as without them. It involves proper thorough cleaning of the teeth twice a day, cleaning the gaps with floss and irrigator and regular check-ups at the dentist


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