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Dear visitors of our website! Each service price depends on many factors, ranging from the conditions and the situation in the oral cavity, to the materials and preparations used in each specific case to achieve the best result. The table below shows the prices of some standard services. The exact cost of treatment will be determined by the doctor upon the examination.

All treatment operations are carried out with magnification (microscope, binoculars)

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Service descriptionPrice, RUB
Medical treatment
Caries treatmentfrom 4 500
Insertion of the temporary light curing filling2 200
Artistic restoration of the front toothfrom 8 500
Pulpitis treatment under the microscope (without restoration)from 8 500
Periodontitis treatment under the microscope (without restoration)from 10 500
Diagnostic treatment of one root canal of the tooth under the microscope7 500
Foreign body removal from the root canal of the tooth5 500
Root canal perforation coverage4 500
Complex simple professional preventive oral hygienefrom 4 500
Tooth caries treatment using ICON system (1 tooth)5 000
Dental implantology
Impro implant (Germany) placement surgery with a healing abutment37 500
Nobel Biocare implant (USA) placement surgery with a healing abutment60 000
Periodontal plastic surgery in the area of one implant11 000
Open sinus lift surgeryfrom 35 000
Closed sinus lift surgeryfrom 24 000
Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis11 000
Implant recovery11 000
Dental orthopedics
Prosthesis reline, production in another clinic600
Crown (inlay) fixing with a permanent dental cement1 200
Wax-up modeling (1 tooth)1 100
Dental restoration with a post-and-core inlay5 500
Ceramic inlay productionfrom 22 000
Porcelain fused metal crown productionfrom 17 000
Zirconia crown productionfrom 37 000
Ceramic veneer productionfrom 37 000
Removable denture productionfrom 33 000
Bugel denture production49 500
Acrylic denture production3 500
Production of the porcelain fused metal crown for Impro implant (Germany) with an individual titanium abutment38 000
Production of the porcelain fused metal crown for Nobel Biocare implant (Switzerland) with an individual titanium abutment49 000
Production of the zirconia crown for Impro implant (Germany) with an individual zirconia abutment49 000
Production of the zirconia crown for Nobel Biocare implant (Switzerland) with an individual zirconia abutment60 000
Articulator preparation17 000
Implantation All-on-4 for 1 jaw (Nobel Biocare, Switzerland)from 400 000 to 700 000
Treatment of dento-facial system dysfunction using the Aqua Splint occlusal splint16 500
Surgical treatment
Tooth extractionfrom 4 500
Eighth tooth (“wisdom” tooth) extractionfrom 7 000
Surgical crown extensionfrom 4 000
Microsurgical root canal treatment of one tooth root38 000
Multiple instrumental examination of the periodontium tissues of the oral cavity with the periodontal chart filling2 200
Periodontal therapy in the area of one tooth1 100
Soft tissues plastic surgery (frenulum, strands)6 600
Gingival recession coverage in the area of one tooth10 000
Course of the periodontium treatment using the periodontal dressing with Gialudent Gel (1 jaw)8 500
Dental splinting (1 segment)2 200
Bracket debonding, fixing material removal from one tooth550
Retainer removal from one jaw1 200
Production of the removable laminar denture with screw and additional components (1 jaw)11 000
Treatment using Pendex removable appliance33 000
Treatment using Invisalign invisible aligners (2 jaws)160 000
Treatment using 3D-smile invisible aligners (1 jaw)50 000
Treatment using Incognito lingual braces200 000
Malocclusion treatmentfrom 38 000

* for more information about the services, which are subject to a 10% discount when recording through the site, please contact the administrators by phone: 8 (495) 920 03 02

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