Healthy teeth mean beautiful smile

Poor oral hygiene leads first to the formation of a plaque, which without timely removal gets hard and turns into tartar. And this contributes to inflammation and bleeding gums. In the future, this can provoke even a loss of teeth!

Oral cavity hygiene is needed for the prevention of caries, as well as common diseases of gums, inflammation, bleeding
Oral cavity hygiene is needed for any further dental treatment
Oral cavity hygiene is needed to eliminate bad breath

Prevention of oral diseases: the main causes of diseases


Poor hygiene

In the human mouth, there is constant generation of bacteria, which are attracted by the moist oral environment and the food remnants. But with regular brushing teeth and use of modern hygiene products, the growth of pathogens on the teeth and gums is within normal limits. If the hygienic procedures are not regular, then the plaque begins to form on the teeth, which soon turns into tartar. As you know, bacteria in the tartar cause gum disease, which in turn causes tooth loosening and, as a consequence, their removal

Bad habits

The most dangerous bad habit for oral health is smoking. As you know, nicotine is a vascular poison. It adversely affects the health of the gums. Not to mention the “smoker’s tartar”, dental plaque and carcinogens that are in tobacco smoke. Many people, without even noticing it, often chew handles, seeds, nuts (so-called parafunctions), resulting in chips, cracks, defects on the teeth enamel

Unhealthy food

The human ancestors did not have such problems with teeth, as modern people do. Even though that there were no effective hygiene products at that time. But healthy food, an abundance of vegetables and fruits prevailed in their diet. And not just the health of the teeth, but also of the entire digestive tract depends on the food product quality. Fast food poisons the body, reduces immunity, and a weakened immune system cannot withstand the bacteria growth, including in the oral cavity. Constant use of carbonated drinks, foods rich in fats and simple carbohydrates (flour products, sweets) leads to the same effects

Irresponsible attitude to your health

Even if you are sure of your teeth health, you are advised to visit a dentist several times a year. A specialist can view even the smallest enamel changes, reveal the first signs of periodontal pathology, which will help to save your teeth. Do not forget that the absence of even one tooth can lead to the dentition deformations and, as a consequence, malocclusion, hard tissue loss, etc. Prevention of dental diseases is not only the prevention of dental caries and gum disease, it is also the timely replacement of missing teeth, correction of occlusion, gum recession, etc. The lack of prevention can lead to more serious labor efforts and financial costs, problems

Appointment to the doctor

Professional oral hygiene procedure

Removing hard dental deposits with an ultrasound scaler

Removal of soft and semi-soft microbial plaque

Dentition surface polishing

Fluoridation of teeth

Hygienist's advice

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day after eating
  • Use additional dentifrices: dental floss, dental brushes, irrigator, oral rinse, etc.
  • In case of cracks in the enamel, spots, pain and other pathological signs, consult a dentist immediately
  • do not postpone a visit to the dentist after tooth extraction, filling fracture, etc.

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