Malocclusion correction

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Correct physiological bite provides a quality chewing of food. While an abnormal bite can lead to disruption of the digestive system


Tooth wear

Anatomic bite contributes to minimal tooth wear. Abnormal bite leads to increased tooth load and, as a consequence, to rapid enamel wear, which in the future threatens serious problems



Malocclusion interferes with sound formation up to serious phonetic distortions. Malocclusion correction will lead to obvious improvements in diction



Changing the bite and aligning the dentition provides not only an aesthetic smile, but also an obvious improvement in the appearance of the individual

Malocclusion correction methods

The mechanics of changing the tooth position is quite simple. In various ways, a constant pressure is applied to the teeth in a certain direction. Teeth have the property to move to the desired position under the influence of continuous pressure.

Dental braces



Reliability, affordable treatment, guaranteed results


Braces are visible to surrounding people (ceramic are less visible), inconvenience in brushing teeth

Internal braces



Guaranteed result, invisibility to others


Complexity and high treatment cost, difficulty in brushing teeth, discomfort in eating and talking

Invisalign splints (aligners)



Guaranteed result, easy to use, easy in tooth brushing, invisible to others


Higher treatment cost than with use of the classical braces; used in limited cases

Appointment to the doctor

The main stages of malocclusion correction


Diagnostic stage

At this stage, all the diagnostic information is collected:

  • Photographic series
  • Required X-ray examination (orthopantomogram, lateral teleroentgenogram, computer tomogram if necessary)
  • Jaw denture frame. For this the doctor first records the impression.
  • After that, a complete data analysis of a specific situation is carried out and a treatment plan is drawn up

Preparatory stage

At this stage, all tooth disorders and gum diseases are treated, all bad fillings and restorations are changed, the teeth provided for in the treatment plan are removed. The duration of this stage may vary and depends on the individual situation.

Treatment stage

Depending on the situation and the method of malocclusion correcting, it can last from 6 months to 2 years. During this period it is necessary on a periodic basis (on an average – once a month) to visit the doctor for treatment lasting no more than 30 minutes. The treatment can be paid in equal instalments for the entire period.

Stabilization of the result

The treatment plan may include a further retention period, or further teeth restoration (veneers or crowns). In the first case, upon the completion of the malocclusion correction, the result must be stabilized for some time with the help of so-called retainers (removable plate or internal non-removable wire on teeth). In the second case, the treatment is completed by other doctors through the whitening, restoration of teeth with aesthetic veneers or crowns, implant crowns.

Important video records

Supraclusion correction procedure
Change in appearance after occlusion correction
Proper oral care in occlusion correction with the use of braces
Expert opinion

In the modern world, beautiful and even teeth are a necessary attribute of any successful person. However, very few people know that even teeth correctly positioned in the dentition wear out slower and are less exposed to various dental diseases. The main task of an orthodontist is not only to make the smile more attractive, but also to create good conditions for brushing teeth and reduce their wear by placing them in the right position. Modern orthodontics works wonders. While previously complicated devices had to be used, and the treatment took quite a long time, now orthodontic treatment can be not only comfortable and fast, but also completely invisible to others. Babiichuk Angelina Dmitrievna

Orthodontist of the "Dental Profi" clinic

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