Maksutov Alibi Aynadinovich

Restorative clinician implant surgeon
Specialist in neuromuscular dentistry and gnathology

Modern dentistry is aimed at high accuracy, aesthetics and functionality of the entire dental system. High accuracy is achieved by the work of the dentist using magnifying optics that provides visibility of all minute details of the teeth not available to the ‘unaided eye'. The appearance of new ceramic materials, such as zirconium dioxide ZrO2, lithium-di-silicate and leucite-reinforced porcelain, allow to make a highly aesthetic, biologically compatible rebuilding procedures. These are materials providing the ‘Hollywood smile' for almost everyone.



Appointment to the doctor

Basic education:

  • The graduation of the Faculty of Dentistry in Far East State Medical University (Khabarovsk city) in 2004.
  • The clinical internship on dentistry on the basis of Far East State Medical University in 2004-2005.
  • Primary graduate education on orthodontology, Far East State Medical University (Khabarovsk city), 2005.

Extended education:

  • Master class: Preparing with crown (Khabarovsk city)
  • Gnathology Training Module: Functional diagnostics of obturation and treatment of TMJD dysfunction, Denta-Lyuks (Tver city)
  • Primary graduate education on Dental orthopedics, IPKSZ (Khabarovsk city)
  • ROAD SHOW NOBEL BIOCARE, (Vladivostok city)
  • Primary graduate education on Maxillo-facial surgery, Far East State Medical University (Khabarovsk city)
  • Seminar: X-ray diagnostics in practical dentistry (Khabarovsk city)
  • TOKIO DENTAL SHOW, (Tokyo city, Japan)
  • ЛЮМИНИРАМ Training course, Cerinate (USA), (Moscow city)
  • NOBEL BIOCARE symposium, (New York city, USA)
  • Seminar: Articulator devices use (Khabarovsk city)
  • Seminar and master class: Neuromuscular dentistry. The role of osteopathy in dentistry (Boston Aesthetic Stomatology Institute, Moscow city)
  • Seminar and master class: Aesthetic rebuilding procedures and dental care in cases of TMJD dysfunction (Boston Aesthetic Stomatology Institute, Moscow city)
  • Dental-Expo exhibition (Moscow city)
  • Master class: A proprietary technology of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of patients with obturation problems at Aesthetic rebuilding procedure or orthodontic care (Boston Aesthetic Stomatology Institute, Moscow city)
  • Master class: Accuracy and Aesthetic, Dr. Domenico Massironi (Vladivostok city)
  • International Dental Implant Conference (Vladivostok city)
  • Training course: Digital photography in Aesthetic Stomatology ( Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city)
  • Seminar: Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation in dentistry (Vladivostok city)
  • Pascal Manie's proprietary method Aesthetic rebuilding procedure in anterior area (Moscow city)
  • Dental exhibition: Dental Expo (Moscow city)
  • Nobel Biocare World 2G International Congress (Vladivostok city)
  • ‘Complex aesthetic protocols of implantological treatment' Christmas symposium, Nobel Biocare (Moscow city)
  • Mauro Fradeani's proprietary course Aesthetic rehab. Traditions or innovations (Moscow city – online)
  • '10 years of Nobel Biocare in Russia. Experience, development and innovations' anniversary congress (Moscow city)
  • ‘Complex protocols of Aesthetic rehab on teeth and implants. Practice and innovation.' Nobel Biocare Christmas congress (Vladivostok city)
  • ‘Modern implant treatment' training course of Markus Hurzeler, academic (Moscow city)
  • ‘Patients with complete edentulism rehabilitation using dental implants' (Vladivostok city)
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