Kulaga Oksana Igorevna

Dentist-surgeon, implantologist, periodontist

Implantation as a treatment method is the main one in our practice. Its success is ensured by our expertise, good equipment, strict observance of all safety protocols and genuine concern for our patients.



Appointment to the doctor

Basic education:

  • In 2007 graduated from the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy (MMA).
  • From 2007 to 2008, internship training at the Surgical Dentistry Department of the I.M. Sechenov MMA.
  • From 2008 to 2011 residency training at the department of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  • From 2011 till present, she has been pursuing postgraduate studies, preparing her thesis for the Candidate's Degree
  • Since 2007, in parallel with her studies, she has been working in public and private clinics in Moscow as a dental surgeon, implantologist, periodontist.

Additional education:

  1. Periodontology and implantology course. Module No. 4. Andre Saadun. 09/2013
  2. Dentsply Implants. Astra Tech Implant System Day. 07/2013
  3. Removal of gingival recession at teeth and implants. Correction of the alveolar ridge defects with soft tissues. Fevraleva A.Y. 31/03/2013
  4. “Basic principles of inflammatory periodontal disease treatment” course Fevraleva A.Y. 30/03/2013
  5. “Creation of the zone of attached keratinized gingiva around the implants.” course. Fevraleva A.Y. 12/2012
  6. “Quintessence” International Symposium. 20/05/2012
  7. Dentium Course. Surgical and orthopedic protocols, clinical and laboratory stages. 09/2010
  8. “Alternative approaches in complex dental rehabilitation with the use of implants” course. 05/2010
  9. Symposium. 45 years of osseointegration. Past, present, future. 04/2010
  10. Managed dental implantation – “From tomography to surgical template. Present and Future” course. Prof. Yudin P.S. 2012
  11. “Odontogenic inflammatory processes in children and adults” course. 16/02/2011
  12. Interscience aspects of contemporary dentistry. Congress. 06/12/2010
  13. “Aesthetics in implantology” course. Dr. Ueli Grunder. 10/2006
  14. “Implantology in complex clinical rehabilitation” course Prof. Drobyshev A. 20/10/2006


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