Khan Alexander Vladislavovich

Chief Physician, Candidate of Medical Sciences, dentist-orthopedist. Member of the Eurasian Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD)

The main principle of our work is an integrated scientifically based approach. Only well-coordinated work of highly specialized doctors allows us to achieve the perfect results in function and aesthetics harmony, and therefore the high quality of life for our patients.



Appointment to the doctor

Basic education:

    • In 2005 graduated with honors from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (MSUMD).
    • From 2006 to 2008, residency training at the Hospital Orthopedic Dentistry Department of MSUMD
    • From 2008 to 2011 was pursuing postgraduate studies at the MSUMD.
    • Ph.D. defense in 2008
    • Since 2005 he has been working in Moscow public and private clinics as a dentist-orthopedist

Additional education:

    1. AlphaBio. Basic dental implantation course. Fridman I. 2012
    2. Medical Consulting Group. The main aspects of integrated orthopedic treatment of patients. Balabanovsky R. 11/2012
    3. Medical Consulting Group. Basics of tooth preparation for various types of dental protheses. Balabanovsky R. 07/2012
    4. Medical Consulting Group. Practical guidance in orthopedic treatment. Balabanovsky R. 06/2011
    5. Medical Consulting Group. Clinical aspects of implant treatment in the integrated oral cavity rehabilitation. Balabanovsky R. 11/2011
    6. Quintessential Congress. Aesthetic aspects in dentistry. 11/2012
    7. Dentium. The urgency of using implant systems in partially and fully edentulous patients. 10/2011
    8. DentalGuru. Basic course of dental implantation. Khabiev K. 02/2013
    9. DentalGuru. Advanced course of implant prosthetics. Kim E. 03/2013
    10. Congress of BioHorizons. Urgent issues of dental implantation. Carl Mish. 12/2012
    11. II Moscow ICOI Implant Seminar. 04/2012
    12. Medical Consulting Group. Effective manager for a dental clinic. K. Caldin. 09/2013
    13. Clinical psychology course in dental practice. V. Stoev. 10/2013
    14. Solving occlusal problems with the help of the facial arch and articulator in the daily work of the clinic and laboratory. Amann Girrbach. Petr Nagadovsky. 10/2013
    15. Quintessential Congress. Experts in ceramics. Aesthetics and function in dental prosthetics. 10/2013
    16. “Total isolation of the working field: cofferdam, optidam, rubberdum” Course 04/2014.
    17. ” Prosthetics skills” Course A. Baburov 10/2014.
    18. “Microscopic teeth preparation for inlays, veneers, crowns” Course S.Maksimov 03/2015.
    19. “Interscience Planning and Functional Occlusion” Course. John C. Kois 05/2015
    20. “Radiation diagnostics in the dentist’s outpatient practice” Course Dmitry Rogatskin 07/2015.


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