Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design – the result is obvious!

The digital smile design in Mitino is ideal for patients who want to radically change their smile, getting rid of the slightest flaws and achieving a flawless effect. This design allows us not to improve the dentition at random, using the blind approach, but to perform a thorough analysis and get a result that is perfect for the patient.

We use digital smile design in Mitino, which is created using the images of your oral cavity. Thus, with the help of modern technologies, the patient can see on the computer screen his or her smile after all the manipulations and understand if it really suits you. There are frequent situations where small flaws in the dentition become his or her feature, giving a special charm and fascination. That's why, we suggest you to look at your future smile in advance and understand what you exactly want and how it will look. 

The virtual smile design in Dental Profi in Moscow is carried out with the help of modern technologies, which are widely used in Europe and all over the world. These are the advanced dentistry achievements, which always stand guard over your impeccable smile.

If you want to get rid of dental diseases and correct teeth condition not only in terms of health, but also beauty, the “DentalProfi” clinic will gladly help you with this. We are sincerely glad to help each person to become healthier and more confident, to achieve the desired heights and to shine with a Hollywood smile every day.

Aesthetic teeth restoration in the dental clinic is a procedure that requires time and careful preparation, but the result will definitely surprise you pleasantly, and the process will be painless and comfortable, because we care about the result and the well-being of the patient during the work. Smile with “Dental Pro”!

The technique advantages:

  • Trying a new smile before starting treatment;
  • Smile modeling, based on individual features of the face and the structure of the dentition;
  • Preparation of a very accurate comprehensive treatment plan for the patient.

Appointment to the doctor

Digital ideal smile design

In order to see the intended result, we create a digital model, based on the patients’ images. This allows us to create an accurate tooth shape, size and see how harmoniously they fit into the patient's smile.

A special photography technique and standards for digital smile design will make it possible to achieve the best result. As a result, the patient can see the future result and make adjustments together with the dentist.

Stages of digital smile design

  • The doctor analyzes the patient's wishes regarding his/her future smile
  • The patient has a photo shoot
  • Simulation of the future smile on the computer is performed using Digital Smile Design
  • Wax modeling and evaluation of the new smile design
  • Implementation of the digital design with the help of certain techniques of aesthetic restoration (restoration, prosthetics, use of veneers, lumineers, crowns, etc.).

Final result

Digital Smile Design allows you to see the result at the initial stage of the smile planning. This makes it possible not only to create the final model design, but also to determine the optimal options of the treatment and the process of aesthetic teeth restoration. This simulation technique provides obvious advantages in understanding the final result of the treatment.

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