Caries treatment

Dental treatment in effective and painless manner

Caries is a dental disease, leading to the teeth destruction. The main cause of the caries development is the microbial wastes, which multiply in dental plaque. The more plaque, the more nutrients and the more microbes. In case of the proper and thorough brushing teeth, the likelihood of developing caries is sharply reduced. However, it is not always possible to clean caries out from hard-to-reach places. Most often caries occurs in the interdental spaces, where it is very difficult to clean the plaque.

Several stages of caries development

Initial caries

The stain stage is the process of the teeth enamel weakening. At this stage, the reverse enamel reduction is possible

Superficial caries

At this stage, the part of the tooth within the enamel (surface enamel) was destroyed by the microbes

Medium caries

The stage at which the tooth decay occurs, getting into the dentin

Deep caries

At this stage, the tooth destruction has covered almost the entire dentin and there is a little space left to the nerve

Appointment to the doctor

What is the treatment?



We treat the teeth in a painless manner!


Many people are afraid to visit dentists. Why? Almost in 100% of cases, the answer is the same: “it will be painful”. Unfortunately, this stereotype still exists. In the “Dental Profi” clinic doctors will select a modern anesthetic drug, suitable individually for your body.



Initial caries


Only the initial caries can be subject to reverse development. In this case, first thorough professional hygiene and necessarily training for proper self-cleaning with the selection of hygiene products are carried out. Then a special agent containing calcium, which strengthens the weakened enamel, is applied to the stain. Sometimes the procedure is carried out several times.

Superficial, medium and deep caries


Superficial, medium and deep caries are irreversible processes. Unfortunately, lost tooth tissues cannot be grown anew. But it is necessary to stop the process so that it does not get to the nerve. Treatment of caries also begins with a thorough tooth cleaning. Also, when treating and restoring the teeth, it is very important to isolate the working field from saliva, which contributes to the filling quality and the reduction in the number of bacteria. In our clinic special devices (cofferdam, optradam, etc.) are used for this purpose.

Following that, the dentist saws out all the destructed and softened tooth tissues in which there are many microbes. In order to determine which tissues are “sick” and which are not, there is a special preparation (caries-detector) that allows the dentist to see the altered tissues.

Depending on the amount of healthy tissues left, a decision is made about ways to restore not only the right tooth shape, but also its function. For this, a range of various filling materials and techniques is used. We restore large defects of dental tissues with the help of ceramic inlays, which allow better restoring the anatomy and function of the destructed teeth.

Clinical case


Very often patients come to our clinic, do not think about the fact that the process of caries formation has already begun. Even with the minimum signs of which it is necessary to undergo treatment.


At the initial stage, tooth decay is easy to stop and this is accompanied by constant examinations. As a rule, treatment is prescribed and the means of prevention and dental care are selected

Gorbacheva Lali Evgenievna

Dentist-therapeutist-endodontist-periodontist of the "Dental Pro" clinic

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