Canals and cysts treatment

Perfect result without pain and tooth extraction

Perfect result without pain and tooth extraction

Infection from the tooth carious processes, which led to the “nerve” death
The remaining infection in the canals after their poor-quality treatment (improper medical and mechanical treatment, filling
Infection of the tooth canal as a result of restoration fitting failure (filling, crown)
Infection remaining in the missed (unfilled) tooth canal
Infection remaining in the tooth canal as a result of broken tools which made it difficult or impossible to process and fill it
Infection of the tooth canal as a result of its perforation (mechanical damage caused by the tools)

Cyst treatment results

We call your attention to a few clinical cases from our daily practice

Appointment to the doctor

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is the science of the endodontium structure and function (a group of tissues including pulp and dentin). Qualitative tooth canal treatment is a procedure which can be managed only by a specialized dentist (endodontist), who exclusively deals with the canal treatment. This specialty is one of the most prestigious and highly paid. For example, in the USA, the treatment of one tooth canal amounts to an average of $ 1,000. Accordingly, 3 channels (large molars) will amount to $3000. Unfortunately, the endodontics course (the science dealing with the dental canal treatment of) is taught in our universities as a component of therapeutic dentistry. Only continuous additional training of the “Dental Profi” clinic specialists allows us to keep up with the times and offer quality services of European level.

Лечение канала в стоматологической клинике необходимо, если кариозный процесс разрушения достиг пульпы и перешел на зубной нерв
Сопровождается это зачастую сильной и резкой болью, которую практически невозможно терпеть
В большинстве случаев воспалению предшествует безболезненный запущенный кариес, который пациент долгое время игнорировал

Tooth canal treatment is a necessary procedure, in case of the acute tooth ache and if it is bothering you not only after or during the meal, but also when something cold gets into your oral cavity, and during rest or sleep. You shouldn’t ignore the ache or run to the pharmacy for pills, because self-treatment of pulpitis and other diseases with such symptoms can be very dangerous, up to the tooth removal and inflammation of the bone in the most neglected cases.

Guaranteed result

To achieve the result, we use all available capabilities and provide legal guarantees for quality canal treatment. And personal moral obligations bind us to build our work with the patient for a long-term perspective and trust. Which is our primary goal.

Why do patients choose our clinic?


We use a variety of tools and devices that allow us to qualitatively treat tooth canals. For example, in the course of the canal treatment in order to improve the visibility of the canals, we use special binoculars that increase the visibility, allowing a better assessment of the situation.


Our approach to the tooth canal treatment is aimed at the highest possible quality. For a qualitative tooth canal treatment, it is necessary to have an isolated working field so that no infection in the saliva gets into the canal. For this we use special devices (cofferdam, optradam, optragate, etc.)

Contemporary approach

Canal treatment of canals in our dental clinic WITHOUT PAIN – the standard of dental treatment is indisputable in our practice.


Our employees receive continuous training in additional courses for professional development and study the endodontics in greater depth according to the Western pattern. Canal treatment in our dental clinic is performed according to the highest quality standards.
Expert opinion Many people do not understand how important it is to qualitatively treat the tooth canals. The main goal of canal treatment is to prevent access to infection from the tooth root, that is, to the bone. Poor canal treatment can lead to the inflammatory foci in the hard tissue, the appearance of a cyst or fistula. All of this, in most cases, leads to the tooth removal and a long and costly procedure of implantation, etc. Only qualitative canal treatment can prolong the life of the tooth. In our practice, we often come across the consequences of poor canal treatment, complications, etc. More than 50% of the dentists’ work at the “Dental Profi” clinic is due to the repeated tooth canal treatment, the removal of the remaining infection. Thus, we extend the life of the retreated tooth. Only qualified specialists can be entrusted with the canal treatment. Bugriev Dmitry Sergeevich

Dentist-endodontist of the "Dental Profi" clinic

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