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How much does it cost to restore teeth like at work #20?


Restoration of one own tooth “turnkey”, as at work #20, is 8 000 rubles.

Send on our WhatsApp photo (or number) of our doctor’s work or photo of your teeths, our chief doctor Khan A.V. will see your request, and our administrator will send you the approximate cost of the work


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The reasons for the delayed visit to the dental clinic


Absence of confidence in the service quality


Not enough time to visit a specialist


Lack of information on the future treatment cost


Fear of the first visit to the dentist

How much does a new smile cost?

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Find out the cost of treatment

Send a photo to the chief doctor of the clinic

Free calculation of the approximate cost of treatment by photo

Send a photo to the chief doctor of the clinic

Free calculation of the approximate cost of treatment by photo

As a specialist with many years of experience I can say that it is impossible to make a complete analysis of the mouth and teeth condition using the photo. The doctor can comment on the presence of only visual problems. The exact cost of the treatment course can be determined only after a detailed examination in the “Dental Pro” clinic.

We will get all your doubts cleared and provide a qualitative solution to the existing dental problems! Khan Alexander Vladislavovich

Chief physician of the Dental Profi clinic, "Dental Profi" clinic

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