Cosmetic dentistry

Best practices, experts’ knowledge and modern equipment will create such a smile that you never had | READ MORE


99.6% – is our implantation success rate. We return confidence, comfort, youth to our patients | READ MORE

Microscopic treatment

The dental microscope enlarges the horizons of the possible that may not be visible to the human eye. This is the basis of modern quality treatment | READ MORE

ZOOM4 Teeth Whitening

ZOOM4 – is an advanced dental technology, which gives visible results in one hour and does not harm the teeth and dental health | READ MORE


Periodontitis is the main cause of tooth extraction. Self-treatment leads to relapse. Our doctors will cope with the disease and will prolong the teeth health for many years | READ MORE

Occlusion correction

Malocclusion affects the overall health. With the help of dental brace and individual caps, we will solve the malocclusion problem at any age | READ MORE


Modern technologies in the service of experts in dentistry.

Carl Zeiss Opmi Pico dental microscope  is a modern high-tech treatment standard in dentistry. The use of a microscope in the canal treatment allows the doctor to see the details and the finest tooth structures, which increases the quality in diagnosis and treatment. Accuracy of actions is achieved by zooming the working area up to twenty times and high-quality spot lighting.

In our work we use the most modern technologies. Digital Smile Design – is a technique for virtual digital visualization of a future smile. It provides an opportunity to design the teeth shape and size, taking into account the individual features of the face. Carefully designed harmonious smile and modern treatment allow us to obtain a perfect result.
For their work, our dental clinic experts use only the best materials of the world's leading manufacturers, which have been tested in practice for years. For example, in implantology, we use Impro (Germany) and Nobel Biocare (USA) implants, which demonstrate excellent results of survival rate and durability for decades.
“Dental Profi” Clinic is equipped with a variety of high-tech equipment: a microscope, binoculars, computer visualization equipment and much more. Dental Planmeca (Finland) units allow a patient to feel comfortable and are convenient for the doctor’s operation. The equipment of the “Dental Profi” clinic meets the most modern standards.

Only seasoned professionals are employed with our clinic, willing to provide qualified assistance for maintaining and restoring the patients' teeth health. Any manipulation is carried out in the most comfortable conditions for the patient and will be completed with a guaranteed positive result. More than 80% of new patients consult us upon the recommendations. Our doctors can be trusted. Teeth treatment in “Dental Profi” – is effective and painless!

Alexander Khan

Chief Physician of “Dentale Profi” Clinic


The Story of a Smile


Experience of Treatment


All About Teeth Whitening


Best Dental Implants


Professional Treatment of Periodontitis


Correction of Occlusion

BEST IN MITIINO – “Dental Profi” clinic is located in the Moscow district of Mitino. The main clinic specializations are cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implantation, microscopic dental treatment, occlusion correction with invisible splints and periodontology.

COMFORTABLE AND GUARANTEED HEALT – all our team carefully and attentively treats the health and comfort of our patients. We value our reputation and the trust placed in us. Our main corporate value is “Sincerely wishing to help our patients”.

HIGH STANDARDS – we are aiming at high tech clinic equipment standards, quality control and training of highly qualified experts deeply fond of their profession. All this allows us to guarantee an innovative, advanced level of dentistry.

INTEGRATED APPROACH – is the main principle of our work. Modern digital diagnostics, careful analysis, optimal treatment plan generation, team work of highly specialized experts – all this is aimed at returning comfort, confidence, youth and success to our patients.

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